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Strikes in Paris

Gee, striking requires a lot of work. I’ve been in Paris for the last month and a half and during this time France has been convulsed by protests over President Nicolas Sarkozy’s attempt to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 and I have come to realize just how much planning is required to […]

The Mysteries of Paris

Paris. Things I don’t understand about Paris. Everywhere I go in my heavily multi-cultural neighbourhood I see North Africans and sometimes Indians grilling ears of bright yellow corn on coal fires set up right on the street. They are very meticulous about the grilling, turning the corn constantly so that it is evenly blackened. Yet […]

Eating like a Queen

My table manners are so good I could dine with the Queen of England. And, from what I’ve witnessed over the years watching other people eat, I am pretty sure that I am among a select few who can make this claim.

Running Away

Recently I ran away from home. I think everyone should run away once in their lifetime, obviously, preferably not when you are so young that the rest of your family nearly goes crazy with worry. Fifty is a good age. That’s how old I am. In fact, I ran away on my fiftieth birthday and […]