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You’re eating what?

As a kid, every time I went food shopping with my mother, once we got to the checkout line, she would invariably nudge me, her eyes widening as she gave an imperceptible nod towards someone else’s cart. I hated obliging her. I knew what her gripe was. TV dinners. Instant mash potatoes. Tinned vegetables. White […]

What did you call me!?

The other day a man who knows my husband well, but had only met me on a few occasions, greeted me with a cheery, “Hello Becky. Nice to see you again,” It’s amazing the man is still alive. I hate the name Becky. Even to write it fills me with an uncontrollable rage and a […]

Imagine That

I’ve been getting a lot of trouble from my brain lately. It’s driving me crazy. And I don’t know which way to turn, or more accurately, to think because thinking is the problem. It all stems from the fact that if I think about something—and this is as iron clad a rule as turbulence hitting […]