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The Perils Of Being Married

I’m married, which, over the years, has had numerous baffling effects on me but none more so than what sort of person I am when I’m alone and what sort of person I am when my husband is around. Charles is often away on assignment, he writes for The New York Times Magazine among others, […]

Brains and Toes

I’m lying awake in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling unable to sleep because everything hurts. I was once told you can’t feel pain in two places, maybe that’s true, but define place, because right now that place is all of me. I’m not a wimp about pain, at least I don’t […]

Here, There, And Nowhere

Here, There, And Nowhere

I’m in the process of becoming an American citizen, something I resisted a long time, not because I have anything against America, it’s just that I don’t feel particularly “at home” here. Which is kind of crazy because I’ve lived here for thirty years and most of it in the same apartment. share this post


Recently I went sort of nuts. It was all the usual stuff: high anxiety, the conviction that at any moment I’d go harrying down the street, naked, babbling to myself. I felt edgy and was very quick to temper, there’s a huge dent on the side of my car to prove that one. But I […]

Poor George…Or?

Lately, I’ve been worrying about George Clooney. Now that he has broken up with ex-female wrestler Stacy Keibler, isn’t he exhausted by the prospect of starting over yet again? Granted there will be no shortage of women but what we require, as women, from men, especially any new man in our lives, is a sense […]

I Am Annoying

Pretty much everything about me is annoying. For instance, I have allergies so inviting me to dinner can be a pain. The main core of what can kill me is fish, all fish including shellfish and nuts, all nuts.  I can always hear the annoyance in my host’s voice when I make that pre-dinner call […]

Summer Blues

It may have been the damp, drizzly November of his soul that had Ishmael feeling at a loss and down in the dumps, but I’ll take a wintery anything over summer any day. I hate the summer. Always have. I remember as a kid bolting through the school doors on the iconic last day brainwashed […]

Who’s Zooming Who

Am I accountable for my actions? Knowing for sure is confusing these days. Accepting the fact that 90% of our bio mass is made up of other organisms: virus’, bacteria and god knows what else, I have to wonder who’s really running this operation. For instance, if I don’t feel like being faithful to my […]


I recently found myself in Palm Springs. No, that’s not precisely true. I was in Rancho Mirage, a different place altogether. I’m assuming Palm Springs had an organic beginning, a spring that attracted a man, an Indian perhaps, who warmed himself in the thermal waters, that one man eventually led to another and soon there […]