About Bex Brian

Born in Montreal, Bex Brian left when she was seventeen and moved to New York where she lives now with her husband, the writer Charles Siebert.

She is the author of the novel Promiscuous Unbound, Grove Press 2003 and has just completed her latest work of fiction entitled Ten Block Radius.

Over the years she has written for numerous magazines including Brides and American Way, worked as an arts reporter for CBC radio Canada and has written a number of documentary films most recently The Turkana: Last Surviving Nomads, for Channel 4 films. With her husband she was written a screenplay based in part on his book The Wauchula Woods Accord.

Bex sits on the board of La Porte Peinte, an arts centre in the medieval city of Noyers sur Serein, France.


photos by Chris Hooke

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