Branded: Housewife!

When we arrived at our new desert home, the powers that be wanted to know who I was before I was issued a residence visa, even though I was merely a secondary concern since it was my husband’s job at a university which had brought us to the other side of the world in the […]

Take Me To Your Lazy Leader.

Recently it was my 55th birthday and amazingly I managed not to cry, sulk, pout, brood, whine, or have a full-blown temper tantrum even though forces around me still insisted we celebrate. I can’t say I comported myself with the same restraint during the parties of my youth. Every single birthday was a complete nightmare, […]

Lies, Lies and more Lies. Will it ever stop? Let’s Hope Not.

It is not unusual to hear actors recount the moment on stage when they first made some-one laugh or cry and that was it, they were hooked, and from that day forward they knew exactly their purpose in life. I had a moment like that too, except, it was the first time I told a […]

My Tucking Days

I’m about to move to Abu Dhabi because my husband, Charles, has landed a great new gig teaching creative non-fiction at NYUAD. I’m not worried about the move or the new job in particular. What has me up at night and utterly intimidated is that I’m going to have to decorate our new place…from scratch. […]

Wait For It

Five months ago I submitted a novel I wrote to an editor. Five months! And it wasn’t to some small press manned by a lone book worm hoping to find a little gem to grind out on his hand-cranked printing machine, it was to a big respectable house. And, it wasn’t to some underling charged […]

Dropped Balls

Last week my younger sister, Sophie, came to town with her teenage daughter, Frankie. It happened to be my birthday but that’s not why they had flown in from L.A. to New York. They had come east so Frankie could tour colleges. Birthdays don’t elicit much emotion anymore, but wandering around a college campus whether […]

The Perils Of Being Married

I’m married, which, over the years, has had numerous baffling effects on me but none more so than what sort of person I am when I’m alone and what sort of person I am when my husband is around. Charles is often away on assignment, he writes for The New York Times Magazine among others, […]

Here, There, And Nowhere

Here, There, And Nowhere

I’m in the process of becoming an American citizen, something I resisted a long time, not because I have anything against America, it’s just that I don’t feel particularly “at home” here. Which is kind of crazy because I’ve lived here for thirty years and most of it in the same apartment.

I Am Annoying

Pretty much everything about me is annoying. For instance, I have allergies so inviting me to dinner can be a pain. The main core of what can kill me is fish, all fish including shellfish and nuts, all nuts.  I can always hear the annoyance in my host’s voice when I make that pre-dinner call […]

Summer Blues

It may have been the damp, drizzly November of his soul that had Ishmael feeling at a loss and down in the dumps, but I’ll take a wintery anything over summer any day. I hate the summer. Always have. I remember as a kid bolting through the school doors on the iconic last day brainwashed […]