You’re eating what?

As a kid, every time I went food shopping with my mother, once we got to the checkout line, she would invariably nudge me, her eyes widening as she gave an imperceptible nod towards someone else’s cart. I hated obliging her. I knew what her gripe was. TV dinners. Instant mash potatoes. Tinned vegetables. White […]


The Dalai Lama, apparently, devotes a couple of hours a day thinking about death. Oh Really? Come up with anything new? Neither have I? Not that I haven’t tried.

Speaking in Tongues

My English cousin, Helen, and her husband, Paul, recently hopped on the Eurostar train and came to visit me in Paris where I have rented a small apartment in the 11th arrondissement. I was very excited. I love my cousin and they love good restaurants. A happy mix. On the first night in town we […]

Eating like a Queen

My table manners are so good I could dine with the Queen of England. And, from what I’ve witnessed over the years watching other people eat, I am pretty sure that I am among a select few who can make this claim.