Dropped Balls

Last week my younger sister, Sophie, came to town with her teenage daughter, Frankie. It happened to be my birthday but that’s not why they had flown in from L.A. to New York. They had come east so Frankie could tour colleges. Birthdays don’t elicit much emotion anymore, but wandering around a college campus whether […]

Here’s What I Think

On the night before my family was to visit Montreal’s Expo 67 for the first time, my mother, holding a wooden spoon as a microphone, pretended to interview all us kids about what we thought of our own world’s fair replete with exhibits from around the world. I can’t remember how wonderful and pithy our […]

Here, There, And Nowhere

Here, There, And Nowhere

I’m in the process of becoming an American citizen, something I resisted a long time, not because I have anything against America, it’s just that I don’t feel particularly “at home” here. Which is kind of crazy because I’ve lived here for thirty years and most of it in the same apartment.


I recently found myself in Palm Springs. No, that’s not precisely true. I was in Rancho Mirage, a different place altogether. I’m assuming Palm Springs had an organic beginning, a spring that attracted a man, an Indian perhaps, who warmed himself in the thermal waters, that one man eventually led to another and soon there […]

My Life Is A Lie...Thank God!

My Life Is A Lie…Thank God!

The other day I decided to get lost. Lately, I have been reading a whole sheaf of books about Arctic explorers. While these nineteenth and early twentieth century explorers did a lot of bone-headed things like man-hauling heavy sleds weighed down with ridiculous paraphernalia (silver tea sets!) over miles of featureless ice and rugged mountains […]

The Mysteries of Paris

Paris. Things I don’t understand about Paris. Everywhere I go in my heavily multi-cultural neighbourhood I see North Africans and sometimes Indians grilling ears of bright yellow corn on coal fires set up right on the street. They are very meticulous about the grilling, turning the corn constantly so that it is evenly blackened. Yet […]

Eating like a Queen

My table manners are so good I could dine with the Queen of England. And, from what I’ve witnessed over the years watching other people eat, I am pretty sure that I am among a select few who can make this claim.