Who’s Zooming Who

Am I accountable for my actions? Knowing for sure is confusing these days. Accepting the fact that 90% of our bio mass is made up of other organisms: virus’, bacteria and god knows what else, I have to wonder who’s really running this operation. For instance, if I don’t feel like being faithful to my […]

Mad or Merely a Woman?

Recently, I thought I was going crazy so naturally I wanted to turn to my family for help. But then again… Pretty much every member on my father’s side of the family is prone to exaggeration. (Me included.) Ask a simple question, you’ll get a wild answer. For instance, one of my uncles longed claimed […]

Jerk Off

I read the most terrifying thing last week in New York magazine. Apparently, there are men out there, and the amount is growing every day, who would rather look at internet porn and jerk off than have sex with a real woman. This scares the shit out of me. As far as I’m concern this […]

Imagine That

I’ve been getting a lot of trouble from my brain lately. It’s driving me crazy. And I don’t know which way to turn, or more accurately, to think because thinking is the problem. It all stems from the fact that if I think about something—and this is as iron clad a rule as turbulence hitting […]

Watch Me

I’m being watched. Night and Day. Whether I am making the bed, or making love…the prosaic to the absurd (Ahhh, such is my life) I am being scrutinized and judged. And, I must say I couldn’t be more pleased.

Shall we…lie down?

Lately I’ve been reading Henry Miller’s novel Tropic of Cancer, and if that doesn’t get you thinking about sex nothing will. There, between the seemingly endless mumbo jumbo of his sterling overheated prose, is some really great raunchy sex. I love the way he invokes the mosh pit of guttural lovemaking, all bump and grind, […]