My Tucking Days

I’m about to move to Abu Dhabi because my husband, Charles, has landed a great new gig teaching creative non-fiction at NYUAD. I’m not worried about the move or the new job in particular. What has me up at night and utterly intimidated is that I’m going to have to decorate our new place…from scratch. […]

Cooking In Other People’s Kitchens

There I was, newly arrived in Australia, standing in my friend Chris’ kitchen at 3 o’clock in the morning, spinning in slow circles, every nerve quivering, my ear cocked trying desperately to figure out which of his uber-sleek modern appliances was ceaselessly pinging at that ungodly hour. Ahhh, other people’s kitchen. Usually, I’m a good […]

Wanna Be A God? Shave Your Legs

I shave my legs every day, and I’m not even hairy, but no matter where I am, who I’m with, near water or not, ill, hung-over, harried or alone I will not let a day pass without drawing a razor up my shins. And because of this, I might very well be thought of as […]

Summer Blues

It may have been the damp, drizzly November of his soul that had Ishmael feeling at a loss and down in the dumps, but I’ll take a wintery anything over summer any day. I hate the summer. Always have. I remember as a kid bolting through the school doors on the iconic last day brainwashed […]

The Mysteries of Paris

Paris. Things I don’t understand about Paris. Everywhere I go in my heavily multi-cultural neighbourhood I see North Africans and sometimes Indians grilling ears of bright yellow corn on coal fires set up right on the street. They are very meticulous about the grilling, turning the corn constantly so that it is evenly blackened. Yet […]

Running Away

Recently I ran away from home. I think everyone should run away once in their lifetime, obviously, preferably not when you are so young that the rest of your family nearly goes crazy with worry. Fifty is a good age. That’s how old I am. In fact, I ran away on my fiftieth birthday and […]


The other day I found myself caught on some street near Place de la Concorde in Paris surrounded by strikers. Most were workers, civil servants but there were a few student groups and the ubiquitous hangers on. The walk out was part of a series of wildcat strikes in protest of the government’s plan to […]